Cultural Safety is a term that can be defined as the recognition, protection of and advancement of fundamental rights, traditions and cultures.

 Aboriginal Australians are part of the oldest living culture on earth, and yet are possibly one of the least understood, respected and revered. Birli Press is committed to the ongoing provision and support of educational programs that help to bridge the divide between Aboriginal Culture and mainstream Australia. 


To learn more about cultural safety, please see the Birli Press programs offered below:

Cultural Competency in the Workplace

Learn about the benefits of diversity and how to integrate and respect traditional culture in your workplace. 

Three Hour Workshop

Raising Respectful Men

Suitable for boys 12 to 21, this workshop focuses on self-esteem, respect, honour and long term goal achievement.

Two Hour Workshop

Supporting Aboriginal Children in School Environments

Suitable for Educators, Carers and Related Organisations.

Three Hour Workshop

Our workshops are facilitated by Jeffrey Farrell, Clontarf Foundation Ambassador and Inaugural Alumni.