Born in Newcastle, NSW, Andrew Anderson spent his early years on Christmas Island, swimming in Flying Fish Cove and running between the houses playing Two Sticks. At 10 years old, his family relocated to Dumbarton, Scotland.


With his older brother Neil, Andrew focused on sports due to his father refusing to allow a television, or ‘idiot box’ in the house. When the early winter nights began, Andrew took to reading, regularly visiting the library with his mother, borrowing four books every time. An avid Asterix and Obelix fan, he soon graduated from children’s books to the adult section, starting with westerns and reading any author’s works that pulled him deep into a story.

Attending Dumbarton Academy for secondary school, Andrew discovered the world of fantasy through role playing games and like-minded friends. Here he read the classics, including The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Druss the Legend and the five-book epic The Belgariad.

With a career in mechanical engineering, Andrew moved back to Australia, settling in Perth with his partner Narelle and three children, Jaie, Adam and Lilly. Andrew’s longstanding passion for epic fantasy novels laid a solid foundation for the launch of Blackstone, the first in his debut series.

I hope all that take the time to read it, enjoy it and I thank you for the time you spent consuming its pages. A little magic in your life can only be a good thing and I hope you have plenty in yours.