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Have a story that needs telling? Need some structural help or some guidance on how to publish? With contacts across the publishing sector, from illustrators to typesetters and even research assistants, we can help you create something that truly honours who you are.


Engaging an editor for your work is akin to polishing a diamond. You want to present a shiny diamond to the world, right? Birli Press can comprehensively review your manuscript and give you detailed feedback. This means you can hone your meaning to best convey your message. Receiving a manuscript critique is the easiest way to recognise and build upon your key strengths as a writer. We work hard to ensure our authors are clear in their delivery, recognisable in their style of writing and successfully engage their audience.


Birli Press can also assist with corporate content, reviewing and editing all internal and external publications from newsletters to blog posts. Partner with us today to streamline your content creation. 



Writing is like giving birth. It's not always an easy process. The work can be hard but the rewards?

Simply amazing. 


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