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Join Rick Carey on his epic 40,000km unsupported, solo journey around Australia, on the back of a Royal Enfield Bullet, aptly named Peggy Pegasus C50389.

Rick's witty, down to earth accounts are brilliantly balanced by his honest, sometimes frustrated, reflections of sharing basic medical care and first aid with the First Nations peoples who welcome him into their remote communities. It is by helping those suffering from easily curable diseases that motivates him to continue the movement for real change in addressing, raising awareness for and at last, attempting to permanently 'close the gap.'

His five months touring Australia's outback are a riveting brutally honest read, as Rick takes his mobile motorcycle treatment facility across the country, making friends, learning to be an effective ally in the fight for change and spurring on readers to be part of the solution, not the problem. 

A brilliant travel memoir that both entertains and educates.

                                                                                  Jeff Farrell 

                                                                        Clontarf Ambassador

We at Birli Press are honoured to have secured Rick Carey as a featured author for the upcoming release of Muriel the Medicycle.  Rick's experiences and voluntary work in some of our most remote communities and his subsequent novel detailing his travels have highlighted the plight of our remote First Nations peoples and we thank him for being a strong advocate in the movement for change.


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